When’s the last time you had the tires on your Jeep® Renegade rotated? If it has been more than 5,000 miles ago, then consider scheduling a Jeep service at Lakeland Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM near Grove City. Maintaining tread wear is one reason for regular rotations, but another important reason is for warranty coverage. Tire manufacturers provide guarantees on new tires. But to get coverage, you’ll need proof of regular service.

Types of Tire Warranties

Depending on the manufacturer, you’ll get one to three different warranties on your new tires. The most common one is called a workmanship and material guarantee. The manufacturer sets a time frame and a minimum tread amount that determines your coverage, but it’s usually good for a few years. A less used, but a typical warranty is called a ride uniformity warranty. It protects you against tire defects, but you’re only covered for the first year or so. Some tire manufacturers also offer a road hazard protection warranty.

Tire Rotations for your Jeep Renegade

Along with a vast selection of tires, our Jeep service center also provides tire rotations for your Jeep Renegade. Regular routines help your tires wear evenly. This helps your Jeep Renegade get traction on pavement, handle corners, and stop with ease. Moreover, you’ll notice the difference because equally worn tires keep your SUV balanced for smooth handling.

Our technicians consider a few things before choosing a tire rotation plan for your model. For example, high-performance tires or four-wheel-drive systems require a different cycle than front-wheel-drive models. Plus, you’ll want to keep your spare tire rotated as well. Fortunately, we’ll handle those decisions based on information about your model and tires.

Schedule your Jeep Service near Grove City

If you have tire warranty questions or need a rotation, just schedule your Jeep service online or stop by Lakeland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.